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I discovered Pilates while studying for my personal training diploma and then trained further with Body Control Pilates a few years later. I soon realised that the real magic of Pilates is to be found in the classical method (as close to Joseph Pilates' original exercises as possible), which has changed my body shape further, improving my strength and stamina. Since then, I have dedicated myself to learning Classical Pilates, an ongoing venture.

The improvements to my own health and general well-being inspired me to want to help others achieve the same benefits and improve their lives through Pilates and a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


Everybody Pilates: Comprehensive classical studio training

Everybody Pilates: Advanced Classical Mat

Classical Pilates Training: Beginner Matwork Certification

Body Control Pilates: Level 3 Matwork, Intermediate Matwork, Matwork Evolution and Pilates with the Band

Future Fit: Personal Trainer and Advanced Instruction, GP Referral, Psychology of Behaviour Change, Nutrition and Weight Management, Applied Nutrition