What is Pilates?

"My method develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit." Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a mental and physical body conditioning programme using exercises to change the way in which we use our bodies thereby restoring good postural alignment and natural, normal movement. Working from the inside to reshape the body by toning and improving posture, increasing strength and flexibility and relieving tension and stress.

Classical Pilates

Pilates as Joseph Pilates intended without the twist of a training provider's interpretation. The exercises are practiced systematically and sequentially linked by transitions creating a class that flows to develop strength and endurance. If you want to feel the real 'core' of the Pilates system this is where the magic happens.

1:1 Sessions

I may advise you to have a 1:1 session initially or to undertake a short workshop to prepare you for the classes. Alternatively, you may prefer private 1:1 sessions where I will take you through exercises specific to your body's requirements.